If you didn’t know, prior to coming to Korea I spent 5 years doing comedy in the US.  It was mainly improv.

I love comedy because people will let you rub their noses in their shit.  What I mean by that is, comedy can be a depiction of and comment on culture.  I love analyzing culture.  When I did it in an academic setting I found the general public often wasn’t interested in hearing about itself.  But as a comedian you can say SO MANY THINGS and people want to listen.

That said, the US is still a sexist place.  (There’s so much I could say on that, but to keep it brief: if you were unaware, then you’re part of the problem.) So when I did comedy there, I rarely felt like a feminist perspective was welcome.  The only times it was welcome was when I a) performed with only women, b) performed with gay men, or c) performed solo.  Those things didn’t happen too often.

I’m glad to see that Amy Schumer has her own show and that many of her sketches have a feminist bend.  We all need to hear it and the perspective she shares needs to become part of regular discourse in America.

Amy has had a few sketches that have gotten a lot of attention.  Last Fuckable Day and 12 Angry Men need no comment.  But she’s made a lot of other pieces that deserve a shout out.  Here are my favorites to date, and why I think they’re great.

10. Sext Photographer

Amy has made several sketches that examine what women do to make themselves attractive to men.  They tend to end with the men they’re trying to impress either losing interest, or it becoming clear the guy was just barely interested to begin with.  Here we see a girl trying to get the perfect selfie for a sext for a guy who is just the worst.  So awful.  So typical.

9.  POV Porn

Porn has gotten so out of control that I love the idea of porn being juxtaposed to the reality most women experience.  If you’re a guy and wondering- yes, this seems true to life.  You, and what you do, is not special.

I also love how Amy looks so into it.  Just like how guys can light up while watching porn.

8.  Focus Group

So messed up in so many ways.  These guys are not answering the question.  But they’re so dumb that maybe the interviewer was really asking the wrong questions all along.

Plus, so many girls have been objectified for so long that Amy’s reaction at the end is all too real.

7.  New Body

This is basically how I shop.

Whenever I start working out again I get these grandiose ideas of how I’ll look and what I’ll need.  Spot on.

6. Acting Off Camera

Nice comment on the entertainment industry.  It’s a great look at how they do business.  Everyone’s trying to be so positive they are nothing but fake, and they get away with so much shit by throwing the promise of money at people.

5. A Very Realistic Military Game

So true and so wrong.  The sketch says it all.

And how after all of that, Amy just sits there at the end.

4. Mom Computer Therapy

We’ve all been there.

Though, I could do without the foaming at the mouth at the end.  I like the idea in theory, but seeing it in the sketch is too much for me.  Just cut it with her starting to look crazed.

3.  9/11

When I saw this I got so annoyed.  The sketch is great.  It so accurately depicts how a lot of self-centered girls act nowadays.  But I got so annoyed because this reminded me of conversations I would have back in the US.  I haven’t had to deal with this attitude since coming to Korea and I don’t miss it at all.

2.  Lunch at O’Nutters

Do I even need to explain this?  If you’ve ever been to a Hooters you’ll understand.

1. Herpes Scare

Deals with religion and sexuality.  God clearly needs a vacation.

“I need to stop making so many white girls.”